Освещение для дома

Все большее количество людей выбирают для использования светодиодные лампы.
Этот вид освещения имеет ряд приемуществ, которые делают их использование гораздо более выгодным, чем применение традиционных ламп накаливания.




Greetings from DONUM lighting company.                                                                

From the very beginning, our strategy considers high technology, high quality and high efficiency. The technological line includes high brightness LEDs and assembly, corresponding to the world standards. Since quality is the key issue of our company, we take to research projects and quality control very seriously.

LED products tend to be one of our activities, which include areas such as:

- Lighting of living spaces

- Commercial Lighting

- Industrial Lighting

- Street Lighting

DONUM lighting follows a worldwide trend of energy-saving concepts, health and environmental protection.

All types of products for residential and commercial buildings are equipped with a pulsed driver (IC).

Advantages of this solution:

- the absence of light flux fluctuations (ripple ratio in the workplace should not exceed 10-20%, 5% in the workplace equipped with a computer, lamps with the exponent more than 30% are not recommended for use in residential buildings.)

- the brightness of the light flux does not change during the brownouts and the power line surges


All types of industrial and street lighting are provided with increased efficiency drivers that allow getting a luminous flux of 100 lumens/watts

All products are covered by warranty for 3 years

Best regards, DONUM lighting